The following rules and regulations will govern the operation of this manufactured home community. They have been promulgated for the purpose of providing a desirable and attractive community for all the Residents of Tricia Meadows. These rules are for your benefit and your adherence to them is mandatory. Violation of any of the rules and regulations may, at the Landlord’s option, constitute grounds for eviction.

1.      OCCUPANCY OF THE LOT: Occupancy of your lot is limited to manufactured home now occupying your lot. No other unit will be allowed on the lot unless approved by the Landlord in writing.

2.      SITE MAINTENANCE: Resident is responsible for maintaining the manufactured home lot and keeping it in good repair. No mops, brooms, cartons, pails or other unsightly accumulation will be permitted on the patios or about the lot. The only items permitted on the home lot are outdoor patio furniture, gas grill and storage shed. (all lawn furniture, seating, grills etc. shall be stored in the back of the home or side depending on where your back/side door is) *FIRE PITS: No fire pits will be permitted in the Community. However, the use of Chimineas will be permitted. All other items must be placed in approved shed, or stored inside the home.  Conditions conducive to rodent harborage shall not be created. Items may not be stored under the home. All home exteriors (including driveways, additions, sheds, etc.) shall be maintained in good condition and repair, with their exterior being kept clean, neat and properly painted at all times.  Skirting cannot be patched with tape or other material. If damaged it must be replaced with like material and uniform. Decks cannot have lattice as railing, must be spindles. If you wish to change the color of your house or shutters a written request must be submitted to the corporate office with a color sample for approval.  Rust, discoloration and/or rotting wood on buildings is an indication of improper care and is to be corrected. Sunrooms must have skirting and not wood or plastic lattice and must have intact blinds and/or curtains, NO sheets or plastic in the windows are permitted. Resident(s) is responsible for keeping their leased Lot in a neat, clean condition landscaping trimmed and free of weeds, curbs clean and free of debris. Plastic flowers as outdoor decorations are not permitted. If the Resident(s) does not fulfill his responsibility of maintaining his leased lot, management reserves the right to do so after giving Resident(s) a 48-hour written notice of the need to do this work and the Resident(s) will be charged for this service as additional rent.  No antennas shall be mounted on the manufactured home or site. SATELLITE DISHES – only allowed with the appropriate approvals. Contact Community Manager or Corporate Office regarding restrictions and guidelines on the installation of satellite dishes. Signs are not permitted on the lawn areas and no sign larger than 10” x 10” permitted in window.

3.     STRUCTURE AND SITE IMPROVEMENTS: No structures or permanent site improvements including play areas (i.e. trampolines, swing sets, sand boxes etc.) will be permitted without the written consent of the management. Refer to the ADDITIONS AND ALTERATIONS and FIXTURES AND SHRUBS clauses of the lease. Grass must be cut and trimmed. No grass should be permitted to grow more than 4 inches in height. If, in the opinion of the Landlord, a lot needs its grass trimmed, the Landlord may have it trimmed without notice and the Resident(s) will be charged for the same as additional rent. *flower beds are not permitted in or surrounded by tires, cinder blocks, soda bottles, plastic bags etc.   

4.      FIRE EXTINGUISHER, Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors: a fully charged & working 2A:10BC fire extinguisher must be installed in the kitchen or within 10′ of the kitchen. It shall not be located behind doors, in cabinets or under counters and shall be properly mounted no higher than 5′ from the floor to the top of the extinguisher. It shall be visible and readily accessible for occupant use.  At the time of the commencement of this lease, the Resident must have working AC powered smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. I understand that all smoke alarms must be less than 10 years old as per Mt. Laurel Township Local Ordinance 1985-12, Chapter 81, Section 81-24. I understand that it is my responsibility to check to make sure I have no recalled devices or extinguishers. All devices must be installed as per manufacturer’s specifications and as per state code, outline above.

5.      FLAGS: LIMIT TWO (2) FLAGS PER HOME: Flags MUST be on a flag pole (on the home/on a traditional – standalone - flag pole). Political Flags WILL BE PERMITTED as long as they are in good condition. It cannot be hung prior to 90 days before the election/vote and must be removed within 10 days after the election/vote. 

6.      ANIMALS/PETS: Animals/pets will be permitted only with the prior WRITTEN approval of the management. No more than two Animals/pets are permitted in any home or lot.  In addition, Resident(s) agrees to: (1) produce proof of rabies immunization upon request by the Landlord, (2) register and obtain a license for the pet(s) from the Municipality annually, (3) register the pet(s) with the Landlord and (4) provide the Landlord with proof of adequate liability insurance covering property damage or personal injury liability caused by Animals/pets.  Should any animal/pet become a nuisance, its immediate removal will be required. Nuisance is defined as, but not limited to, disturbing others with barking, defecating on the property of others; owners not keeping property clean smelling and free of dog waste, not using a pooper scooper when walking dog, and not keeping dog on leash when walking off their leased property.  No animal can be left outside unattended. Dog cable runs will be permitted with written approval but cannot allow the animal to exit the back yard of the home. No exotic, aggressive, uncommon, undomesticated or excessively large Animals/pets shall be kept.  Animals/pets (including dogs and cats) are not permitted to run loose in the Community. *FEEDING OF WILD AND/OR FERAL ANIMALS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED (i.e. cats, fox, raccoons, geese etc.) Feeding animals by placing food out for feral cats, squirrels, deer, raccoons etc. is prohibited and a health hazard and there shall be a fine of $50 per occurrence. THE USE OF POOPER SCOOPERS IS MANDATORY PER THIS LEASE AND MOUNT LAUREL ORDINANCE CHAPTER 70, ARTICLE 2; SUBSECTION 70-13. ONLY 2 ANIMALS/PETS PER HOUSEHOLD.

7.     TRASH AND GARBAGE: No fires or burning of trash will be permitted. Trash and recycling containers CANNOT be stored in front of the residence, driveway, etc. or any place visible from the street. There will be two trash trucks coming through the development, one will pick up regular trash, grass clippings and bulk items (furniture, wood, etc.), every Thursday.  The other truck will circulate through the township picking up leaves, branches, bushes/shrubs.  Make sure grass clippings and leaves are in untied plastic bags or open containers less than 50 lbs., and branches, bushes and shrubs are bundled and tied in no bigger than 4’ sections.  Electronics/Appliance pick up can be scheduled by calling 856-234-0001 ext. 1241 no later than 12 Noon on Tuesdays. Trash underneath the manufactured home is forbidden. Trash and garbage must be kept in trash cans with tight lids. NO LOOSE PLASTIC BAGS and the like are permitted, there shall be a fine of $50 per occurrence. Trash and recycling containers CANNOT be stored in any place visible from the street.  Trash and recycling containers cannot be placed at the curb any sooner than the day before pick-up and must be put away by the evening of trash pick-up.

8.      MOTOR VEHICLES: Each Resident is provided off street parking for two cars. Residents may park a car overnight, IN FRONT OF THEIR HOME. This car must be parked as close to the curb as possible and must be facing in the direction of the traffic flow. Visitors shall park their cars directly in front of the property they are visiting.  If you have a two-car driveway, other than guests, only one vehicle per licensed driver is permitted to be parked on Lot.  Households with one occupant cannot have more than two vehicles parked on Lot if only a two-car driveway is present. Unlicensed vehicles may not be parked or stored in the Community. Residents and their guests and/or occupants shall be required to maintain reasonable and safe speeds at all times within the Community. A SPEED LIMIT of 15 miles per hour will be strictly enforced. Residents and their guests and/or occupants must also stop at all stop signs within the community at all times. The parking or storing of commercial vehicles over one-half (1/2) ton, travel trailers, campers, motor homes, tent campers, unlicensed, inoperable, or unsightly vehicles are not permitted on any lot or the streets of the Community. Off-the-road vehicles (commonly known as “mini bikes” or “trial bikes”) are not permitted to be operated within the Community. Residents of the Tricia Meadows Manufactured Home Community are not permitted to perform mechanical work on their automobiles, motorcycles, trucks or other motorized vehicles on the property of the Tricia Meadows Community. Violation of this regulation will be considered a breach of the lease and acted upon accordingly.  

9.      POOLS & PONDS:        No private pools or ponds will be permitted in the Community.

10.   WATER LINES: Residents are responsible to see that heat tapes are placed on water lines, are in proper working order and are operated from November 10 through April 1.  Specifically, this obligation of the Resident will include responsibility for maintenance and care of the water and water risers, which connect into the home.  The Resident shall keep these risers properly insulated to prevent freezing.  If the Resident does not keep the risers properly insulated and the Landlord incurs the cost of repair of any damage caused by freezing of these risers, the Resident must pay the Landlord.  Any damage to the community water line due to Resident’s negligence will be the Resident’s responsibility to pay for repair of such damage.

10A.    YARD SALES in Tricia Meadows may only take place on the “Community Yard Sale” dates and not privately held at your lot on any other date during the year.

11.    CHILDREN AND MINORS: Parents are responsible for the acts of their children and in no event should the privacy of other Residents be violated. Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a Resident 21 years or older when using the recreational facilities including the swimming pool.  

12.   CONDUCT: The Residents of the Community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner considerate of the rights and privacy of their neighbors. Residents may not disturb the quiet enjoyment of other Residents of the Community or destroy or damage the property of other Residents of the Community or the Landlord. No activities are permitted which intrude upon the peace and quiet of the Community or the Residents including but not limited to:  loud noises from television, stereo, radio, racing cars, motorcycles, intoxication, and /or disturbance of the peace by either the Resident or a guest.  Resident and guests are not permitted to trespass on spaces leased to other Residents or conduct any activity upon Resident’s lot, which would interfere with neighboring Resident or cause damage to neighboring Resident’s property. Public intoxication is not permitted. WEAPONS OF ANY TYPE, SUCH AS AIR RIFLES, B-B GUNS, PAINT BALL GUNS; GUNS AND BOW AND ARROWS MAY NOT BE USED IN THE COMMUNITY. *HUNTING is NOT PERMITTED on Tricia Meadows Property; not on your own home property or the common areas surrounding your home property. ANYONE found to be violating this regulation will be referred to the State Fish & Game Warden for disposition.  Smoking of any substances is not permitted in common areas. Drones with cameras are not permitted to be flown in the community.

13.   LANDLORD’S RIGHT OF INSPECTION: Landlord shall have the right to enter upon the manufactured home site for the purpose of inspection or repair, provided such entry shall be at reasonable times and, except in emergencies, during daylight hours.

14.   CLOTHES DRYING:  Only approved umbrella-type clotheslines will be permitted. They must be located behind the home.

15.    RENTAL PAYMENTS: All site fee rentals are due the first of each month. There is an additional rent charge of $50.00 for any payments received after the 5th day of the month. Rents are to be paid at the MANAGEMENT OFFICE between the hours of 9 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. or mailed to DAVIS ENTERPRISES, The Corporate Center at Sagemore, 8000 Sagemore Drive, Suite 8201, Marlton, New Jersey 08053. Checks are payable to TRICIA MEADOWS. Rent not received at the main office by the FIFTEENTH of the month will result in the account being automatically forwarded to our attorney and legal action filed for collection of all rent due, attorney’s fee and court costs as well as possession of the Lot Legal suit is begun on the fifteenth of the month on all unpaid accounts for collection of rent and possession of the home. Failure to pay rent may result in a Warrant for Removal, at which time Resident will be forced to vacate and Landlord takes possession of home. Landlord may then sell home to pay outstanding rent and all legal charges.  A charge of $30.00 will be levied against any Resident submitting a check that is not honored by Resident’s bank.  Such charge will be deemed additional rent due and payable on the 1st day of the following month.  Landlord reserves the right to exercise other remedies when the Resident submits bad checks.  In addition, at the option of the Landlord, no further rent or additional rent payments shall be made by personal check.  Only money orders or certified checks will be accepted.

16.    ELECTRIC SERVICE: Before taking occupancy of your home, make sure you have contacted PSE&G to activate your account.

18.    SECURITY DEPOSIT: You must pay a security deposit on your lot. Your last month’s rent MUST BE PAID. THE SECURITY DEPOSIT IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED AS RENT. Your security deposit and interest refund will be mailed to your new address after you have left the Community, provided you have lived up to the terms of your lease.  Charges will be made against your security deposit for the cost of certified mail to return said deposit.  This method of mailing is required by the Security Deposit Amendment effective January 1, 2004.

19.   RESIDENTIAL CRIME INSURANCE POLICY: This protects you against loss for up to $10,000 resulting from robbery or burglary of your home. WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Now you can obtain affordable crime insurance from the Federal Insurance Administration of the U.S. Government that won’t be cancelled or not renewed because of losses, if you live in New Jersey. HOW DO I BUY IT? Any licensed property insurance agent or broker can help you submit an application. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Residential crime insurance annual premiums vary according to crime rates in the city or town where you live. A Resident may also purchase a renter’s insurance from a private insurance company to cover damages to his or her personal property.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Federal Insurance Administration, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 451 7th Street, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20410.

20.       LANDLORD’S REGISTRATION ACT STATEMENT – In compliance with the Landlord’s Registration Act of 1974, in the State of New Jersey, Landlord hereby notified the Resident of the following:

The owner of Tricia Meadows Manufactured Home Community is Davis Enterprises, T/A Tricia Meadows, with offices at The Corporate Center at Sagemore, 8000 Sagemore Drive, Suite 8201, Marlton, New Jersey 08053 and is the managing agent. All legal services may be left with or served at the Tricia Meadows, Sales Office which is located at Tricia Meadows. Emergencies will be received at (856) 787-0400 by the Maintenance Department. In the event you call after normal working hours, and answering service will relay the message. An emergency situation is water main break or sewer stoppage.

21.    AIR CONDITIONERS:  Only central air conditioning is permitted. No window or through the wall air conditioners are permitted.

22.    RECREATIONAL FACILITIES: Recreational facilities are offered at no additional cost to the Resident. The Management reserves the right to restrict and control the hours and use of the recreational facilities. Fishing is catch and release only. Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a Resident 21 years or older when using the recreational facilities including the swimming pool. A parent must supervise children under the age of 12 when using the playground area. In order to use the Community amenities, residents must be in good standing, current in rent and not in violation of the lease and/or rules and regulations.

23.    The heating of homes in Tricia Meadows can only be provided by oil or natural gas through the central heating system that is built into each home. NO other means of heating, i.e. propane tanks, kerosene heaters, etc. are permitted.

24. Fees: The following is a list of fees that will be charged as additional rent.

Late fees: $50.00/per month
Bank charges for bounced check: $30.00
Legal fee: $100/per notice
Legal fee: As incurred/per eviction
Power wash home:  $175          
Power wash home & sunroom:  $200
Power wash shed:  $50
Leaf Cleanup: $75/per person per hour
Trash removal: $100 per truckload
Lawn maintenance: $80 (includes mow, weed whack, edge, blow driveway clear of debris)
Driveway/sidewalk/curb weed and/or debris removal: $40

For all other maintenance and repairs: $75/per person per hour plus costs of materials