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Whats going on at Tricia Meadows?

Q & A

Does My Land (or Lot) Rent Include Yard Maintenance?
No. Each resident is responsible for their own lawn care.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are Pets Allowed?
Yes. Up to 2 pets per home are permitted. Cats must be indoor and Dogs must be registered with the Twp. (upon move in and yearly there after you must provide proof of registration/license)
Can I Plant A Garden/Remove Shrubs, Trees etc.?
Yes. You can plant a garden, or if there is a tree/shrub on your property that you would like to remove you are more than welcome to do so. Any plant life on your property is your responsibility. So if something dies or needs to be trimmed the resident is responsible for the removal/upkeep.
If I Pay Cash For The House Does It Matter What My Credit Is?
Yes. Even if you pay cash for your home. You must still submit an application and pass a credit/criminal background check through Davis Enterprises for the land your home resides on.
How Many People Can Reside In A Home?

Per the Statement of Rental Policy:

Occupancy Guidelines. Tricia Meadows adheres to the following standards for occupancy as set forth by the COAH rules of the Township of Mount Laurel and the Mount Laurel II decision:

           1. A maximum of 2 persons per bedroom.

           2. Children of the same sex in same bedroom.

           3. Children not in same bedroom with parents.

Can I Purchase A Home For Someone Else?
No. Tricia Meadows is Owner Occupied ONLY. There is no renting or subletting. Therefore whoever plans to be living in the home must still qualify through Davis for the Land Lease.
Are There Any Rental's In Tricia Meadows?
No. Renting & Subletting is strictly prohibited in the Tricia Meadows Community.
If I Want A Family Member or Friend To Reside With Me Are There Any Restrictions?
Yes. Your Occupant must submit an application and be able to pass a criminal background check. (Anyone staying with you for 2 weeks or more in a 6 month period)
Can I Fence My Yard In?
Yes. You are more than welcome to fence in your yard. However it cannot be over 42'' tall. It can be Post & Rail or White Vinyl Picket. No solid, chain link, or privacy fencing is allowed. Tricia Meadows does not permit homeowners to fence the perimeter of the homesite. Any changes on the outside of the home must be approved through Davis.
Can I Add On A Sunroom/Deck/Patio?
Yes, you must submit a request in writing, along with plans, to the Landlord before obtaining a permit from Mount Laurel Township.
Do you have any 3 and/or 4 Bedroom Homes?
No. ALL homes in Tricia Meadows are 2 bedrooms.
Can I turn a 2 Bedroom into a 3 Bedroom?
No. Homes in Tricia Meadows can be no bigger than 2 bedrooms, as permitted.
Is Tricia Meadows a Retirement/ 55 + Community?
No. Tricia Meadows is a Family Community we are not age restricted.

Should you have any additional questions that are not listed above, please feel free to contact our office!