Lot Rent

How much and what does it include?

Lot rent varies based on size and location of your yard (i.e. if you back to the woods your lot rent will be more than someone who does not.)



This provides you access to all amenities located within the Tricia Meadows Community (clubhouse, billiard room, pools, lake etc.). Trash removal at your curb, plowing of the streets & any other taxes and fees associated with the property. 

*Utilities and lawn maintenance are the responsibility of the homeowner.

*Landlord may add an annual CPI increase on the monthly rental amount. The cost of living index (CPI) shall be calculated ANNUALLY in accordance with the figures released by the U.S. Department of Labor for all cities. ~ Rent may be raised during the term of the lease for real estate tax increases, license fees, etc.

Requirements for Leasing  with Davis Enterprises

  Can you answer yes to the following questions?

  1. I have good/excellent credit
  2. I have been at my job for at least one year consecutively
  3. I am able to pass a criminal background check
  4. I gross at least 3 x's what my monthly "Housing Expense" will be. (i.e. if purchasing home cash = lot rent x's 3, if financing = monthly finance payment + lot rent x's 3)

So, you want to buy a home in

Tricia Meadows...

Now what?



Unlike other housing you cannot obtain a traditional mortgage for Tricia Meadows homes. This is mainly due to the age, type of home, and the fact that you do not own the land.

But...there are alternative options for financing:

First Credit Corporation:

  • Offers 20% down program
  • Terms based on amount financed and age of home.
  • Minimum credit score is 630.

(800) 562-6036

Mainland Financial:

  • Offers 10% & 20% down programs. (Possible 5% down)
  • Terms are based on amount financed and age of home.
  • Minimum credit scores for homes 1976 to New is ​630.

(856) 629-0216

Priority Funding, LLC.

  • ​Offers 10% + down programs
  • Terms are based on amount financed, age of home
  • Minimum credit scores for homes 1976 or newer is 650

​(518) 708-9684

We've guided you in a few directions but by no means is what we've provided the ONLY financing you can obtain. We encourage you to research for yourself and find out what's best for you.